PINTU OTOMATIS Untuk Gedung Perkantoran

Pintu Otomatis Toilet Door

Pintu Otomatis Khusus

Pintu Otomatis Toilet Door

Introducing the LABEL UK Toilet Door System, enhanced with our range of automatic swing and slide products.

Our Toilet Door System is the system of choice due to its simple, easy to use reliable and adaptive design. It is also incredibly easy to keep clean thanks to its SteriTouch anti-microbial technology.

When the Toilet Door System is unlocked you can enter the cubicle manually or operate the external sensor for assisted entry. Once inside, touch the internal sensor to lock the door. When you are ready to exit, touch the internal sensor again to unlock the door with assisted exit.

This system can be paired with the LABEL NEPTIS swing door operator or the LABEL EVOLUS sliding door operator to further enhance its incredible ease of use.