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Pintu Otomatis Telescopic

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Pintu Otomatis Telescopic

The telescopic door is made up of leaves that slide one in front of the other to lodge itself into a reduced retraction space on the side when it opens. These telescopic doors are ideal for small, partitioned areas with little space behind the leaves.

The new generation of PORTALP RS telescopic doors offer an unprecedented combination of technologies to make it easier to manage your entrances. Compact and high-performance, it hides a universal switched-mode power supply under its header cover, a high-performance Brushless motor, communication buses using CAN technology to make wiring easier and providing it with constant communications with all peripheral devices. There are many systems in place for reliable, secure operations (detection radars, security curtains, etc.).

The newly-connected door comes with all-new features: easy smartphone controls, creating virtual keys for users, configuring small and large openings, controlling auxiliary electrical equipment, door status reports, etc.

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