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Nice Slight 24Vdc motor with buitl-in control unit for sliding gate

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Nice Slight 24Vdc motor with buitl-in control unit for sliding gate

Nice motor for sliding gates up to 400Kg with leaf length up to 6m.

Motor with built-in control unit and absolute encoder.

Innovative ultra-compact design: The vertical configuration of the motor makes it easy to install even in narrow openings

User-friendly: The BlueBus system, allowing the control unit to be connected to up to 7 pairs of photocells and control, security and signalling devices with just two wires.

Built-in LED light: Programmable as either a flashing or courtesy light, it warms of gate movement during opening and closing.

Master/Slave selection: For automatic synchronisation even of 2 motors, allowing automation of sliding gates with two opposing leaves.

Intelligent: Obstacle detection and automatic working time programming. Self-diagnostics with flashing light signalling.

Safe: Adjustable acceleration and deceleration at the start and end of every opening and closing operation.

Built-in absolute limit stop:

  • Simple and precise regulation thanks to the rapid learning in a single movement with the motor released;
  • No bracket or accessory to be installed on the ratchet;
  • Particularly suitable in snow areas.

Practical: Control unit and optional PS124 buffer batteries can be connected by means of practical guided - connector.